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Property Management

Westdale builds value and maximizes returns through the diligent application of property management fundamentals, optimizing revenues, and keeping a close eye on costs. Responsive and nimble, our operations and on-site teams are led by our Regional Directors who average almost 20 years of multifamily experience. Leasing Professional
Our continued success is due, in large part, to the professionalism of our property management teams having the right people with the right skill sets in the right jobs. Our growth and expansion of capabilities are the result of the hands-on involvement of our principal and the company’s executives.

Marketing/Market Analysis

Westdale utilizes innovative traffic and leasing activity programs, tracks occupancy levels, amenities, rental rates and concessions, and then tailors a cohesive action plan for each property.


True performance can only be measured when given the proper tools. Westdale provides ongoing in-house training programs and invests in our people through thorough industry educational courses.

Revenue Management

Utilizing the industry’s top revenue management software, Westdale’s seasoned Revenue Manager works side-by-side daily with our operations team to set new lease and renewal pricing for leases of all terms. This combined effort allows Westdale to remain flexible to any specific property’s situation, cognizant of individual market conditions, and with the over-arching goal of maximizing all revenue opportunities.


Standardized computer software and hardware, real time web enabled accounting systems and a company intranet reflects Westdale's further commitment to using technology to improve communication, standardization and productivity.

Community Improvements

Create or generate value, whether by changing interiors, upgrading appliances and finish-outs, adding amenities, changing the property appearance, or by simply adding additional residential services.

Construction Services

Westdale’s Construction Services Group involves each member's application of individual expertise and experience
added to the group’s collective knowledge to produce more than expected results involving construction and renovation related services.
A depth of renovation capabilities allows Westdale to scope, quantify, assess, and control the entire turnkey construction process including a wide array of demolition, renovation and rehab services necessary to meet property objectives.

Exterior Assessment

  • due diligence, analysis, cost containment
  • develop/work scope, bid and contract administration
  • permitting and approvals
  • management, coordination, scheduling, structured draw process
  • enhancement evaluation

Interior Assessment

  • structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, framing, drywall
  • elevators
  • amenities
  • enhancement evaluation

Life Safety/Asset Preservation

  • inspections
  • routine maintenance oversight
The mission of the Construction Services Group is to establish and enhance trust, communication and service to our clients, residents, associates and contractors.

Corporate Services

Our clients and investors are the primary beneficiaries of our corporate support services. At Westdale, we provide the full range
of support services in order to minimize net operating costs and expenditures.


Westdale acknowledges that every client and property is unique. Our accounting group prides itself on its ability to tailor financial and management reports to meet an owner’s specific requirements.

Asset Management

The Asset Management team coordinates property management, construction, ancillary income/national agreements, lender reserves, and real estate tax valuations. Continuity is one of the team’s core strengths.

Risk Management

Westdale’s Risk Management team identifies potential risk and liabilities that may adversely impact the financial and physical condition of the asset. The team reviews owner’s insurance programs, manages and documents claims, and coordinates all aspects of general liability and property insurance related matters.

Information Technology

Real time reporting is paramount in this rapidly changing and highly competitive industry. Staying ahead of the market requires continued commitment and investment in technology to improve productivity and communications. By teaming with Yardi and RealPage, we’ve created a streamlined process that delivers accurate, timely results.

Human Resources

Team building is a function of recruiting the most qualified and talented candidates – candidates that fit into a proven management system – and we have an enviable track record of doing just that. Our Human Resource Department provides a range of services, including Payroll Services, Benefits Administration, Recruiting and Hiring, Employee Screening and Background Checks, and Training.


Managing real estate is done by people. Westdale recognizes the great responsibility our clients and investors bestow upon us when entrusting us with their investment, so we in turn invest greatly in our human assets. Intensive, well coordinated training programs have been carefully crafted for all levels of our on-site personnel. These courses are taught by our own highly qualified instructors.