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Westdale Real Estate Investment and Management is a private real estate investment firm. Our primary focus is on office, retail, and multi-family ventures, where we can offer existing stakeholders and lenders a reliable source of capital, new sponsorship, and premier property-level operating capabilities.

We offer a competitive salary and good benefits including vacation, personal/sicktime, paid holidays, medical, dental, life and disability insurance, 401k with company match, Flexible Spending Accounts, apartment rent discount, Employee Assistant Plan, and tuition reimbursement.

Employee Testimonials

"Westdale Asset Management has allowed me to embrace and appreciate the changes that let me grow professionally, encouraging me to work my way to the top. They have given me the training, support, and reinforcement that I need to continue to achieve my potential. I wake up every morning full of energy and ready to go to work. The combination of the extraordinary team leadership and the company’s vision creates a work environment that is motivating, challenging, and gratifying. With Westdale, I feel as though my hard work is genuinely recognized, which in turn helps me to feel valued for what I do. I hear from others in the industry about their experiences with their own companies, and each time, I know just how lucky I am to have made Westdale Asset Management my family. Here’s to 14 years of my commitment. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!"

Courtney F.
Regional Director

"I can’t think of enough wonderful things to say about Westdale. I have been an employee for almost 2 years and I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I was living at my community and working as a Server at a local steakhouse when the Community Manager approached me and asked if I was interested in a leasing job. I didn’t have any experience in leasing but I was hired and learned quickly. Between the Grace Hill/ Westdale University training and learning from my Community Manager, I couldn’t be more grateful for all they have taught me. I never knew what I wanted to do until I started working for Westdale. I want to stay in the business by furthering my education. I want to get my NLAP and hopefully become an Assistant Property Manager then eventually Property Manager. I owe it all to Westdale!"

Jennifer A.
Leasing Consultant

"Westdale is a great company to work for. Teamwork and respect are common values, whether it’s at the property level, the regional office, or working with employees at other properties. The company takes pride in ensuring that they provide employees with opportunities to learn and grow professionally. This keeps employees engaged and working toward the positive end result. Many residents have commented on the sense of community they feel when we have resident events. They say that we make it more than just about collecting the rent. And that makes me feel proud to be part of this team."

Carey M.
Community Manager

"Working at Westdale has been a remarkable experience. Employees are recognized for the value we bring to the company and there are endless opportunities to learn additional skills and job function. Working at Westdale is not only my job, but it is my home away from home. For that and many other things, I love working for this company."

Adalberto R.
Service Supervisor

"Since my employment with Westdale in 1996 I have found that the motto ‘family first’ holds very true. In addition, their willingness to promote from within is unsurpassed. If you feel that you are ready for a new position, Westdale will gladly train employees to help them transition to the new position. From onsite management to corporate administration, team work, training and personal interaction makes Westdale a great career choice."

Dave W.
Senior Service Supervisor

"I am thankful I have had the opportunity to work for a company like Westdale Asset Management. I started with Westdale nearly 7 years ago and have had the pleasure of working with some outstanding people over the years who have both motivated and inspired me along the way. Throughout my years, I’ve seen the company grow bigger and better, and I’m glad to be part of the team. In my position as Service Supervisor, I get the chance to think outside the box and identify new methods of improvement. The company’s continuing education and team leadership is invaluable to help me overcome any obstacles. I look forward to continue growing with Westdale Asset Management for years to come!"

Kenneth W.
Service Supervisor

"In my 18 years of employment, I have been awed by the fact that Westdale is a family oriented company that has shown great loyalty to their employees. Westdale provides all the training and tools we need to advance in our careers and encourages us to grow. Thank you, Westdale, for giving me the opportunity to excel far more than I ever dreamed!"

Malia M.
Senior Community Manager